Ashlyns and Raiders are grateful to all our sponsors who are helping us to provide this community project.

How can you help, the obvious is funds, but you can help in other ways as well.
We need: IT equipment: sporting equipment: printing to name but a few.

If you have fundraising ideas or know organisation that we could apply to, or does your company operate a match funding scheme, just contact us.

We need your help to deliver this facility.

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Corporate Sponsors and Business Partners

We would also like to thank the following companies and organisations for their support:

Junction 9 Design Consultants

Junction 9 is a local graphic design agency based in Berkhamsted. They have advised the BerkoAstro project, provided the website design and poster design to launch the BerkoAstro Appeal and helped judge the BerkoAstro mascot competition.

Junction Nine
First Floor
The Granary
234 High Street
Herts HP4 1AG

Tel: 01442 873107

LT Consulting Website Development

LT Consulting is a website development company in Berkhamsted which donated their time for the website development of this BerkoAstro website to promote the BerkoAstro Appeal.

LT Consulting

Tel: 01442 877473

Thompson Bradford Architects

Thompson Bradford Architects provided the drawings and plans required to get planning permission for the BerkoAstro project.

Thompson Bradford Architects
3rd Floor, Tring House
77/78 High Street
Tring. Herts
HP23 4AB

Tel: 01442 820410

Ashlyns School

Staff, student, parents, governors, past parent and past students

Ashlyns School Association

The ASA has already raised a magnificent £20,000 for this project which has enabled us to go out and seek matched funding.


Website by LT Consulting and Junction 9 | Images courtesy of Thompson Bradford Architects Ltd